My series of paintings done for the Doctor Who comics series! (Well, the first three, at least… wink wink.) They are the covers of the #1 issues for each respective Doctor - Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth. It’s the first time I’ve released the artwork without the titles and whatnot - this was a MAJOR project for me this year, started all the way back in 2013 - I’m proud and honored to be so deeply involved with an official project like this. Here’s to more covers and Doctor Who in the future!

| Fan: would you rather be stranded on an island with Jared or Jensen, and why?
| Misha: no I would not.
| Fan: you have to choose.
| Misha: I would swim. I'm a good swimmer.


my brain: there is literaly a 0 percent chance the fictional shit from creepy games will show up irl in your kitchen

me: but its dark and scary


Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough


Less queer baiting more queer dating.

You were the best and the wisest man…that I have ever known.Yes, of course I forgive you.


could you please fill out this quick survey for me?



This shampoo was supposed to give my hair volume but I really can’t hear anything







Always reblog


well he really should have worn more protective clothing if he didn’t want that to happen
sounds to me like he was asking for it

Are we really sure he was actually shot and decapitated? Idk, sounds like something he would’ve made up. Guys make false decapitation accusations all the time, you know. 

If he didn’t want to be decapitated, he shouldn’t have worn a shirt that showed off his neck

I mean, not all woman decapitate people. I’m not like that.


do you ever want to be a celebrity purely for the fact you would have the power to correctly educate people on cultural appropriation and feminism?

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